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14.06.2014 11:49

                                            Frontier Airlines | Image Resource : westword.com

Frontier Airways is a United States ultra low-cost airline headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA. The carrier, which is a subsidiary and operating brand of Indigo Partners, LLC, operates flights to 78 destinations throughout the United States, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico. The airline maintains a hub at Denver International Airport with focus cities at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio, at Trenton-Mercer Airport near Trenton, New Jersey, at Wilmington-Philadelphia Regional Airport in Wilmington, Delaware and at Washington Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C. Also, through a code-share agreement with Great Lakes Airlines, the airline connects passengers to surrounding Rocky Mountain States.

The airline has a frequent-flyer program called Early Returns. It does not partner with any other airlines for cross-crediting of frequent flyer mileage credits. Frontier Airlines has a code share agreement with Great Lakes Airlines, connecting flights through Denver and Phoenix. The airline is committed to the cause of providing safe and efficient passenger airlines services, which makes it an obvious choice both within.

Frontier took delivery of its first Airbus aircraft (an A319) in 2001 and simultaneously launched with it DirecTV in-flight television along with a new company livery. Frontier Airlines was the launch customer of the Airbus A318 in 2003. In mid-April 2005, Frontier officially became an all-Airbus fleet, retiring its last Boeing 737. The staff on and off board are pleasant, friendly and courteous. It has 3 classes: First Class, Golden Club Class or Business Class and Economy Class. The airline has excellent and interesting in-flight entertainment.


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