Turkish Airlines Flights: Widening Your World!
24.04.2014 10:08

                                         Air France Booking | Image Resource : news.gtp.gr

It is the bare truth to say that international airlines have helped us widen our world and also in bridging worlds. Earlier only the rich and the elite class could fly and see international destinations. But with the advent of airlines and their cheap tickets , this dream of seeing the world has become the birthright of each and every travel freak! Turkish Airlines flights have three classes which are Economy Class, Comfort Class and Business Class. You can book tickets in any of the class that suits your budget.

Travelers can book their tickets to more than 200 worldwide destinations in Turkish Airlines flights. You can do your bookings and make reservation through online and you can even do the check-in through online and take the boarding pass. In international flights, the economy class passengers are served with the best Turkish cuisine and hot/cold meals are served depending on the departure timings and flight time. They also take care to meet the special needs of the passengers such as medical, dietary and religious needs. However in their domestic flights, the meals comprise of sandwich, a Turkish meze and a dessert.

An upgraded menu has been designed for the Comfort class passengers and the guests are welcomed with a welcome drink. The meals include fresh ingredients like green vegetables and salads or if the guest chooses they can also have hot meals. These meals are a sight to behold since they are served in beautiful porcelain dishes and it is topped off with fruit , cheese and tasty sweet desserts!


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